Åbytorp by Walter-Berggren is a project by Michael Walter and Susanne Berggren.

Our aim is to create an interesting meeting between tourism and culture as well as forming a relevant way of living in todays` society, on a personal level.
Both of us have a background in the arts. Susanne in the field of dance and choreography and Michael in visual arts. We have lived most of our lives in Berlin, Stockholm and Munich, but in 2005 we moved to Åbytorp.

We value the qualities that life offers here: the magnificence of nature, the sparse population and the pleasure of picking the salad from our own garden.

Our desire is to transport this simple luxury to our guests,
Åbytorp by Walter-Berggren
Åbytorp, 69393 Svartå, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)585-50490,
Mobile: +46-(0)70-6846258