By car:
Coordinates Åbytorp:
WGS 84 (lat, lon):
N 59° 5.756', E 14° 32.920'
WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon):
59.09593, 14.54867
6553403, 1427986
6550822, 474142

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“Svartå” postal number: 693 93 (open Map)

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By airplane:
You can fly to Stockholm, Göteborg or Oslo, and from there take a bus or a train to one of the closest cities. (Degerfors or Laxå)

From Bergslagsleden:
Follow the road to the east by the 2 yellow houses ca1km south of “Svartå Herrgård”. Follow it to the big road (nr 205). Walk south ca 100m until you crossed the small bridge over “Svartån”. Then take the small road east, and you find “Åbytorp” on your right after ca 200m.